Two Wings Institute

Piotr Czekierda is Co-Founder of the Two Wings Institute, whose mission is to research and develop leadership for the common good and to rebuild trust and solidarity in a polarizing world.

The goals of Two Wings Institute are:

  • conducting educational, development and research programs concerning integral human development, culture, science, education, leadership and politics;
  • conducting educational, development and scientific research in the field of social sciences, humanities and economics, including philosophy, theology, political science, sociology, history, psychology, management and economics;
  • conducting educational, developmental and scientific programs that combine two wings of cognition – reason and faith;
  • researching and promoting the values ​​arising from the heritage of ancient Greece, Rome, Judeo-Christian tradition and the heritage of Central Europe -East and research on their significance for contemporary people and societies;
  • promotion of Polish culture, science, history in Poland and abroad.

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